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Paul Cary – Ghost of a Man

A little bit of dark blues rock for the day ahead.


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Paul Cary – The Curse of China Bull


You can grab the album here: http://paulcarymusic.com/ which is currently free.

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Paul Cary – Iryna


This album has been on heavy rotation for the last couple of months, which have been busy for me and my family which has just expanded, give it a listen to see why.


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Iain Morrison – Dear Goose

Iain is a Scottish songwriter who creates some mysterious and very beautiful music. This was the first album of his I heard, but I have stated collecting more, and so far they are all amazing.


Go to his website to grab the album. http://www.iainmorrisonmusic.com/

One For The Road

Iain Morrison – Stones & Matches


I love real American folk music. The music is so simple and complex at the same time. This really showed up with this album when I put it on a car CD. Before it came on was thinking to myself that it would a little to mellow and folky for driving. But I was very wrong, it was perfect for it, showing depth that I hadn’t known was there.


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Red Tail Ring – Ohio Turnpike

This is just simple honest american folk. When it sounds this good I can never get enough.


Get there stuff here: http://www.redtailring.com/

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Red Tail Ring – The Hearts Swift Foot

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Smutfish – Lawnmower Mind

I love Northern European Americana. Yes that is a thing.


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Smutfish – Tear Factory.mp3

These guys have a fantastic guitar player that I feel really gives the song a unique sound. Along with great songwriting and that European way of pronouncing and singing particular words a little bit different, which really appeals to me for some reason.

They changed there name to John Dear Mowing Club at some stage, and then seemed to have disappeared just about altogether.


The only trace I can find of a way to buy this is here http://www.mowingclub.com/product/lawnmower-mind/. Maybe you can email them for more options?

One For The Road

Smutfish – Goddess.mp3


Chris Knight – The Trailer Tapes

I have a lot of friends that don’t seem to enjoy country all that much. But they love Chris Knight with a passion. Go figure.


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Chris Knight – Leaving Souvenirs

This album has stripped back versions of songs he plays and and has mostly released earlier with his full band. I like the full band sound, but I like this one man and his guitar version that much better.

Even if you don’t like country, going on my previous experiences, you will still like Chris Knight. After that its a slippery slope my friend.


Grab the Albums and stuff here: https://missinginkshop.com/chrisknight/

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Chris Knight – Hard Edges