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Tin Horn Prayer – Grapple The Rails

I still listen to a lot of punk music, even though as the name of this blog professes that I really love folk. What would be better than all of this at once? (Well maybe just some mandolin punk  really). Well not much when its done this well.


Have a Listen

[audio:http://www.transientfolk.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/02fireinthejailhouse.mp3|titles=Tin Horn Prayer – Fire In The Jailhouse]

This album is what I can call great car music, especially turned up so loud that there in no chance of conversation.  As it may have become clear by now I am not going to say much more than that about a band on this blog, as I would just be copying what somebody else that wrote about them earlier. So have a listen and let the music speak for itself.


Looks like you can this one pretty cheap here at the moment http://paperandplastick.com/artistdetail.php?id=81

One For The Road

[audio:http://www.transientfolk.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/06youwon’t.mp3|titles=Tin Horn Prayer – You Won’t]


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