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Simon Llewelyn Evans – Draw Mountains There

Being Australian I thought I should make a bit of an effort to showcase a few Australian artists. This is not an easy task unfortunately, as with my life being already full of other things I don’t get much of a chance to go out and see a lot of unknown bands. Added to this fact is that most music blogs/people I follow (stalk) on-line are American.

But we will give it a go and do our best to get amazing Australian Folk coming your way.

Listen While You Read

[audio:http://www.transientfolk.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/04-no-horse.mp3|titles=Simon Llewelyn Evans – No Horse]

Simon Llewelyn Evans is someone that I found on-line through a compilation album of some kind, and only after listening for quite a while did I realise that he was Australian. The song “No Horse” was a definite go to song for me for a bit, and takes me back to walking along the Brisbane River (to work unfortunately).

If anyone out there has some good Australian Folk hidden away undiscovered, please let me know, I seem to only stumble on it very rarely.

You can get some mp3s here.

One For The Road

[audio:http://www.transientfolk.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/03-draw-mountains.mp3|titles=Simon Llewelyn Evans – Draw Mountains]

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